Wir stellen Geschichten aus dem Ashalayam vor: Md. Rabbul Hussain, 18 Jahre alt

Der 18-jährige Rabbul erzählt seine Geschichte.


"I had a difficult start in life. My mother passed away after giving birth to me. My father remarried within two months. That’s the way things work in the villages. My step-mother never accepted me, and my father stopped caring for me. He had a new life with a new family and I was a part of his past; a past that died when my mother did. He did not care when my step-mom and her family were abusing me. I felt very alone and unloved. One summer, when I was only 8 years old, I was feeling so sad and rejected that I decided to leave my home and go to my maternal uncle’s house. I took a bus all alone and tried to find my way but I was young and scared and I inevitably got lost. I ended up in Howrah station, the busiest train station of the whole country. It was very scary! Thankfully, Mr Subroto, the manager of the Childline found me and brought me to Ashalayam. It was the holidays and all the kids were gathered for Ashalayam’s Summer Camp. The staff and children invited me to join in. There were games, sports competitions, dance, music, songs, and a lot of candy and ice cream! It was wonderful! And all the children and staff were very friendly. For the first time in my life, I felt included, I felt like I belonged. After a few days, the Childline staff found my father and talked to him about my case. But I did not want to go back home. I wanted to stay in Ashalayam with my new friend, my new family. My Father did not try to change my mind. He was quite pleased to be rid of me. So I joined Ashalayam. It was very exciting! Beyond the games and all the fun, Ashalayam took care of my education. My father had never bothered sending me to school and I was completely illiterate. It was a great joy for me when they gave me a uniform and sent me to school for the first time! I know how lucky I am to go to school and that’s why I study hard. In 2015, I passed my Class X exam. I am very proud! I am now in Class 11, but I also work part-time in Ashalayam. I stay in Asha Deep, a home for very small boys (age 5 to 10) and I help the Home-in-Charge to take care of them. I love playing games with these boys. I see a lot of myself in them and I want them to be just as happy as I was on my first day of Summer Camp!"